The Most Effective Online Baccarat Strategy for Maximizing Your Winning Percentage

A successful Baccarat strategy first means understanding how the Internet version of the game is played. Most Vegas style online baccarat games are played basically the same way. You choose whether you are going to bet on the banker, the player or a tie outcome. Then you choose the amount of money you want to bet for a particular hand. You then click on the Deal button, and play begins. The dealer alternates cards between the player and banker, and the number of cards dealt is predetermined. Depending on the player and banker scores after the first two cards, there may be more cards dealt. When the hand is over, a winner is decided as the closest player to 9 total points. Your bet is either taken or rewarded as a win, and the game play begins over again. The logistics are the same no matter where you're playing Vegas online baccarat. If you are new to the game, you may want to learn more details about how to play baccarat before you try to understand what is involved in an effective strategy technique.

As you can see from this example, it is very difficult to employ an effective baccarat strategy when your input is so limited. But savvy gamblers understand that by knowing the rules of the game, and every level where your input is allowed, you can find some type of edge in any contest. The quickest way to effectively employ a winning baccarat strategy is to choose the website which offers you the largest welcome bonus. We understand this comes well before you ever play your first hand of baccarat. But think about it. Wouldn't you choose a site delivering a larger welcome bonus and ongoing player rewards over another similar site that did not greet your opening deposit with as much free money, given that they both deliver basically the same baccarat experience?

Of course you would. So grab the biggest welcome bonus offered by a legitimate Vegas style online baccarat casino that also uses dependable gaming software to provide quick and reliable baccarat play. Figure out what wagering requirements are needed for you to earn the bonus, and play accordingly. And don't forget that the number of decks in the virtual shoe will dictate how often the banker or player wins, or a tie is the outcome. You will almost never encounter a single deck shoe online, but if you do, the banker will win 45.96% of the time, the player 44.68% of the time, and a tie will occur over 9.30% of the hands played, in the long run. Four and six deck shoes are common online, with the probabilities running banker 46%, player 44.6% and 9.49% for a tie with a four deck shoe, and banker 45.87%, player 44.63% and 9.51% for a tie outcome with a six deck shoe.

Do you see the pattern here, and what the appropriate baccarat strategy should be? Invariably betting on the banker is the correct play over time regardless how many decks are used, as it offers an advantage, albeit a small one. Basically put, in most situations the house edge when you bet on the player is approximately 1.35%, and only 1.17% when you bet on the banker. These odds may vary a little from one Internet casino to another but you can see that by betting on the banker you consistently make the smartest possible that. Bear in mind that a 5% commission is collected from a winning banker bet, but that is because this bet is so favorable. Even with that commission, betting on the banker still delivers the better odds overall, and over the long haul. Obviously you will want to check the pay tables and odds offered by a particular casino, and do not get suckered in by the attractive long odds offered when you bet on a tie outcome. Unless you just want to take a stab in the dark every now and then, you should never bet on a tie.

Speaking of betting on a tie outcome, the obvious baccarat strategy here if you must make this bet is to play at sites which offer a 9 to 1 rather than 8 to 1 payout for a tie bet. If you are playing at an Internet casino which offers 8 to 1 winnings if you hit your tie bet, the house enjoys roughly a monstrous 14% advantage. Choosing a site which delivers 9 to 1 odds when your winning tie bet comes through drops the house edge all the way down to just over 5%, but remember that this outcome will only happen less than 10% of the time, as pointed out above. Need a quick and easy to remember baccarat strategy that gives you the best statistical chances at winning? Grab the biggest welcome bonus, play at sites that offer a 9 to 1 rather than 8 to 1 payout if you decide to gamble on the risky tie outcome, and bet on the banker. Do these three things, and over the long course of your Internet baccarat career, your winnings will be maximized and your losses minimized.


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